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HAUTE MUSIC COUTURE Made in Switzerland

When I heard Disco Channel play for the first time, my at once thoughts was:

*Elaborated * Radically Different * High Quality Music*

The tracks made by the Swiss producer shows diversity and solid musical competence.

The compositions are flexible and travels through différents genres and moods.

It’s often stretched to long lasting tracks with a sophisticated touch of euphoria and nostalgia.

There is a deepness and soul in the musical research made by the artist and as a listener you enjoy the flow, holding on until the peak breaks out and when it finally comes its mesmerizes you. Its euphoric and even the most exigent ears is taking care of.

As explained by the composer, DJ and producer himself:

“When I create a « Dance Music » track, I want to drive the people through a journey in their emotions. And it is also a way to be true : to tell them I’m not only here to entertain you, I want to enter in communion with the crowd, and feel through them the beauty and the joy of being all together gathered in the love of music”

My curiosity about this talented Geneva based artist and producer made me want to know more about his musical background and adventures.

Here is some of the story he told me.

Jean-David Boiston started his experimentation with music at young age by playing violin. It was his first experiment with the musical world and the opening of a door to what would change his way of contemplate life. His talent and interest for music made his paths go towards Geneva Music Conservatory where he learned to sing and he took piano lessons aside.

The first encounter with electronic music came with two members of Jean-Davids family. A few years older cousin gave Jean-David his first records that made him discover a very special galaxy in the music universe, with labels such as

Warp Records(UK) and Rephlex Records (UK) plus Techno music of the same breed from Germany.

Jean-David's brother saw the devotion that his sibling was developing for this music genre and he pushed Jean-David forward to exploration, experimentation and finally creation of his own tracks in the begging backed up by Ejay: A software easy to learn and use that helped Jean David to evolve quickly and be able to use more complex softwares for music production.

Since the start in 2001 Jean-David produces all of his music, he wanted to create a specific musical universe and for this purpose he set a closed circuit around his creations that originates from a dozen of tracks. Everything the artist creates is a variation and an evolution these tracks, this is the his vision of Electronic music .


“Tracks are long lasting because life is long lasting. Can you express your thoughts with only 5 words? Feelings aren’t instant frames. Why does it have to be different with the music? “


The artists music is often soft and in the same time very euphoric, it’s a music that fits as well to listen at home as when out clubbing.

As Jean-Davis explains it.

“Im always trying to bring a kind of softness through my music especially when I produce « Club Music » because this kind of music is essentially « functional », I mean the

« Dance Music » is created to make people dance (Really?), to make them enjoying the fact to be in a closed building to have some good times. And those people had paid their tickets, their drinks and by the way they expect the music to gave them what they paid for. By adding some softness, its a way to keep them aware about the fact that the

« music » is not only « functional », It is also made to give them different emotions, it can bring them down as well as it can put them in euphoria.

Disco Channel is running his own labels based in Switzerland since 2012. He records in his home studio in Geneva.

  • Polygone Research Recordings is the club music oriented label, influenced by structures like Cadenza , Peacefrog , Kompakt and other known names in underground music industry. The brands goal is to deliver exigent music, pleasant for listening and enjoyable for dancing.

  • La Minimale Chic is a more quirky label born from Disco Channels desire to create music without being held in a special category. Jean-David tells me that this label is his "little home of fantasies" , without boundaries between different kinds of music: more borderline, more risky.

Disco Channel is first of all a solo artist because he likes to push his limits forwards by exploring the paths in his own musical universe but this doesn't mean he's a loner and he made many interesting collabs during the years.

As he explains it:

“ Music is before everything else about sharing. And there’s no better way to share the music with someone by creating a song from scratch together. I learned about some of my friends much more deeply through the music production than speaking. Because it came from their hearts, their souls and no words can express their feelings better than a groovy bassline or a sensitive « Rhodes » pad.

Lately Disco Channels work got the attention from some of the big players and he released some music for Luciano's Cadenza and for Jamie Jones’s Emerald City label.


The productive and dynamic artist tells me that there's is much more to come but he prefer them to stay hidden until ready for release.

Some projects


Polygone Research Recordings

La Minimale Chic Recordings

Disco Channel

Saint Cyr

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