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  • Nikoline Dessauges

JUMP INTO A NEW LIFE with Fernanda Barbosa!

Are you interested in improving the way you project yourself?

NON VERBAL communication is critical to the way we are perceived by others.

Most body language is sub-conscious, which means we cannot control it.

Fernanda Barbosa is a proffesional dancer and diplomed life coach, she works with

posture and body language and expressions thru movement .

Amplify your image with body language workshops and Tailor made Body Language Coaching.

The expression through body language is more powerful than we tend to believe.

It is our external expression of our internal thinking. We are often not aware of what we are projecting to others through our body language but the people on the receiving end of our communication will be aware.

We are giving away signals as to how we are thinking and processing through our posture, facial expression and hand gestures.


Fernanda Barbosa was born in Rio de Janeiro where she trained as a dancer at the

Alice Arja school. She danced professionally with the following ballet companies Lucerne, Hagen, Dortmund and Saragossa before joining the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève year 2000.

She passed her state diploma for teaching dance at the CND, Paris in 2014.

Fernanda has been teaching ballet to levels 5 and 6 and the Ballet Junior course since 2014.

She work with the Foundation of the Grand Théâtre de Genève, musicians of the Orchester de Suisse Romande, professional dancers, the Geneva Junior Ballet, schools and companies and she wish to share her knowledge and experience of the importance of our body language to a larger public.



The impact of our non-verbal communication is so great that the levels of success we achieve in life will ultimately depend on how proficient we are at ‘talking’ this powerful, unconscious language.

​It’s not just being aware of our non verbal communication it is also knowing what is appropriate in different scenarios.

In business and professional environments our body language is seen, experienced and interpreted by bosses, colleagues and peers. Inappropriate body language in the workplace will be noticed and may inhibit our career and professional success.


Fernanda Barbosa offers body language coaching to individuals and small groups.

Learn more on her website


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