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Let's build a harmonious work environment where staff members work together, competitive as a TEAM. 







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Moussa Ceesay founder

I work as a manager for street artists and I am also the founder of Secretsociety.

Nikoline helped me to find 3 spaces to expose my clients art.

She also sold some of the artists work for me. 

The organization under Nikolines supervision went very smooth and easy and the results was great.

Nikoline does the things she tells and she delivers her part of the work efficiently.

In February 2016 we organized a local event at Palladium in Geneva with 1300 entries.

Nikoline found the Angel investors before the event and we where able to bring in Seth Troxler one of the underground electronic music’s most iconic artists.
Once again Nikoline delivered what she said and she kept her engagements.

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Mladen Dragovic Co-owner

 Nikoline helped me to build up my company profile for communication online in Swedish and English.

She managed to put text on my words and she sorted out my ideas so that my company communication became clear for customers.

She listened carefully to my needs about design and understood the image that I wanted to deliver to my future customers on my webpage.

As always when working with Nikoline it was easy and uncomplicated.

She worked very fast efficient she made a great job with the communication and webpage for my company . 

Nikoline hired me for my first job when I was 16.

I worked for Nikoline for 5 years.
She gave me a lot of responsibilities and possibilities to evolve.
I was able to organize several fashion shows and events with dancers.

I learnt team work and how to plan ideas and projects discipline.
I really appreciated the creative and dynamic vibes when working for and together with Nikoline.

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I worked with Nikoline for 15 years.

We realized and opened up 5 stores togetherThe atmosphere when working with Nikoline is efficient and creative.

We were able to realize store openings under very short time limits because of the easy communication and good team spirit.

I will be more than happy to work with Nikoline again on new projects.

Yannik Geiser, Visual merchandiser and Sales assistant

I worked as a trainee for Nikoline for 3 years and I started from nothing.

I had no work experience but after 3 years working for Nikoline.

I was able not only to do the basics tasks in the store but also to assist as a co-buyer and make orders for contemporary men's brands such as Cheap Monday, Pinquin, Farah and Fred Perry. 

Nikoline guided me in how to realize projects and ideas for shop displaying and events.

I learnt how to plan and discipline my work and I became confident in my capacities as a creative person and productive team member

Nikoline encouraged and helped  me to go further in my professional carrier after my trainee ship

Whitney Yungo Sales assitant

I learnt to take own initiatives and to work in an independent way when working for Nikoline.
It was a very useful experience.

Chloe Dufraine Manager

​I Started as a salesclerk for Nikoline and then I became the manager for her store:

Famous Ape Geneva.
I learnt a lot during the period of 5 years working with Nikoline.
I am now able to manage teams of several employee,
 order collections and handling buying budgets.

I also learnt store displaying and I became a confident and efficient manager.

I have a high level of ambition and Nikoline encouraged me to constantly hit and generate new goals
I'm very happy that I had the possibilities to learn so many different steps in the retail business when working with Nikoline.

She gave the whole team a vision of the company and the objectives to reach, she shaped and drove our vision and gave me the knowledge and the right tools to be able to get there.​

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